Saturday 10 January 2015

By Fire and Sword Muscovites WIP

Hi, i've been tempted with gaming 17th century Eastern Europe for some time and finally succumbed before XMAS with  and bought a Muscovite skirmish pack and a couple of sets of cossacks from Stafford games. Here's a couple of pics of a pair of standard bearers I've completed from the 'Russian dragoons ' who it appears were dragoons in name only  and fought with arquebus and long spear. I've painted the whole unit and will place some pics up once the're based, the flags are excellent and  from  jmchasco at the warlord Games forum and are printed onto cloth . I would also like to thank Roland at Stafford Games for his excellent service


  1. Good work. But flags not really successful. Sagittariuses had regimental flags of other type, for example I am not the big expert, it is possible to look for example here-> http://rusmilhist in more detail

  2. and still here -->

  3. Hi Klingula, I'm a complete novice to the period so thanks for the links to the streltsy flags; I'll be spending a bit of time going through them. My aim was to give the standard bearers for the provincial troops generic flags of saints as I don't know if they would have carried flags or not and in my view you can't have enough flags in an army. Do you know if they did and would they have looked like streltsi flags?

    cheers Pete

    1. your banners remind church banners more. unfortunately in the pictures provided by me there are only Moscow streletsky regiments, think at city regiments drawing resembled, but it is simpler. here is a lot of banners, only for earlier period.
      be not too lazy thumb through this link http://rusmilhist in it many drawings of flags which will suit you come across