Tuesday 1 October 2019

More Empress Vietnam painted with contrast paints

other than the skin and the highlights on the black painted with citadel contrast paints 

Thursday 22 August 2019

Venexia 28mm Condottieri

28mm Venexia Mtd Crossbow

28mm Arquebusiers

 venexia crossbowman

Tuesday 13 August 2019

Empress Miniatures Vietnam painted with Contrast Paints

It's been a good while since I added anything to this blog  and hopefully it'll not be as long till the next post. These figures were painted using the new citadel contrast paints with the flesh painted using Vallejo pains ad a few highlights added to the guns all over a Halfords Khaki base coat and took about an hour and a half to complete. Very nice figures and I don't think they look too shabby however they do remind of Chaco War Bolivians. Cheers Pete 

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Stalled Indian Mutiny Project

Hi, here's a couple of pics of my stalled Indian Mutiny project using (mainly) Iron Duke figures; which are excellent, even if the odd one is a bit on the delicate side and with cracking service from Empress Miniatures . Unfortunately as I started to read more about India I took more of an interest in the Sikh Wars so this project has taken a back seat and likely to be left to languish in the depths of the spare room.

cheers Pete

I think I'll have to detail the eyes on this figure

Mutineer Sepoys


Monday 7 August 2017

Sikh Irregulars 20mm

Here's a quick pic of some Sikh irregulars from Newline designs, so far I've got 60 of these painted and hope to get them based up by the end of the week, cheers Pete

Thursday 6 July 2017

Anglo Sikh Wars 20mm

I've had an interest in the Sikh Wars for some time now and after reading Amarpal Singh's book on the first Sikh War I decided to take the plunge and put an order in from Newline Designs. Unfortunately the Newline range is not yet complete so I've had crack at converting some figures to fill the gaps. the first are some Tumbling Dice Crimean War British dragoons converted to a unit of Bengal Light Cavalry. this involved removing the jacket turn backs and the shako peak then filing the shako with a rounded file to give it more of a 'bell top' look about it. The officers shako is a Newline Sepoy head with a peak and plume added with greenstuff.

Newline alkali and irregulars

Newline Sikh Regulars with Yellow Turbans

Newline Sikh regulars Green Turbans, the flag was taken from google images and worked on using paint to add details etc, no one seems to sell decent Sikh wars flags for 20mm figures which is a shame, hopefully Studio miniatures will rescale the flags they and save a lot of time on the computer.
Newline Sikh regulars with Blue turbans.
Gurkha officer converted from a Newline Sikh officer with the epaulettes and turn backs filed off and a strelets head added,' I think the sash should be black however I've decided to go with red as this stands out on the figure and he is British after all.


Saturday 25 February 2017