Thursday 20 March 2014

Great Northern War

Painting Danish flags for the Scanian War has rekindled my interest in the Great Northern War so here's a couple of pictures of my command group for the Preoprasjenski guard that I painted over 7 years ago and have been in a box wrapped in tissue since then. The flag is hand painted on linen and was taken from the book by Hoglund, Sallinas and Bespalow and published by Acedia Press in 2006. I'll probably put these up on ebay over the weekend  as I'll be painting a new command for this unit  soon . cheers Pete 

Picture of the standard bearer who's hidden on the picture above. 


  1. Glad to hear of your GNW renaissance Pete! The Acedia book is a great reference for anyone interested in the war. So is "Karoliner" by Alf Ã…berg. If you don't already have it, I'll bring you a copy for Salute!

  2. Hi Soren, it's looking unlikely that I'll get to salute this year but thanks anyway for the offer of the book. There's an update on the Scanian flags, the company flag for Prince Frederic's regiment will be completed by Thursday and I'll have the two cavalry flags done be the end of next week

    regards Pete