Sunday, 8 March 2015

15mm Cossacks

Here's a couple WIP of pics of my 15mm cossack rebellion army, the figures are a mixture of Fire and sword miniatures and Grumpy  which and although Grumpy figures are bigger and the horses smaller mix quite well. I've added a couple of figures from the Polish nobles pack to add a bit of character.

Fire and Sword Cossack skirmishers

Sunday, 8 February 2015

'By Fire and Sword' Muscovite Dragoons

here's a few pics of the 'Russian dragoon's' from for their Fire and Sword game, the basing's still to complete but I always leave that till last, cheers Pete 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

'By Fire and Sword' Cossack Servants

Here's a couple of pics of  a unit of  'Cossack Servants' from the 'by fire and sword' range from the commander is from the Moloitsy set and the drummer is from the cossack command box.

I've now bought several different sets from this company and views on these figures are a bit a mixed on the bad side the metal is not the best, flash was awkward to remove on several casting and  five out of eighteen figures in this set either snapped during cleaning; or were broke on receipt. Also there appears to be a couple of different sculptors at work as there  are different styles and noticeable size differences between some of the figures in the same sets ; the cossack skirmishers and plastuny sets being two offenders. Nevertheless the bad points haven't put me off and there are several positives. The range is huge and continues to grow, the figures are very detailed , full of character and really capture the era well  and the newer figures appear to be improving in quality .

cheers Pete 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

By Fire and Sword Muscovites WIP

Hi, i've been tempted with gaming 17th century Eastern Europe for some time and finally succumbed before XMAS with  and bought a Muscovite skirmish pack and a couple of sets of cossacks from Stafford games. Here's a couple of pics of a pair of standard bearers I've completed from the 'Russian dragoons ' who it appears were dragoons in name only  and fought with arquebus and long spear. I've painted the whole unit and will place some pics up once the're based, the flags are excellent and  from  jmchasco at the warlord Games forum and are printed onto cloth . I would also like to thank Roland at Stafford Games for his excellent service

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Redstar Vietminh

here's a pic of my first Redstar Vietminh  figure; I really struggled to get the green right on this figure and think I'll paint a more olive tone for the rest of them as well as darkening the flesh a bit. cheers Pete 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

15mm Blue Moon Great Northern War

15mm Blue Moon figures representing troops from the Pommerska and Narke Varmlands infantry regiments . These figures are now up on ebay along with some unpainted ones, cheers Pete 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Prince Repnin's Grenadiers Great Northern War

Here's a couple of pics of some Riever Castings and a Front rank command figure re[presenting  Prince Repnin's grenadier regiment .  the flag is hand painted onto linen. these figures were sold a good few years ago however this is one regiment that I think I'll be painting again soon enough. Cheers Pete